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Blackjack originated from French Casinos around the 1700s. People believe it to have evolved from French card games such as French Ferme that were popular in those days. Also, it is thought that the Romans used to play the game on wooden tables that were marked with various numerical values.Blackjack Logo

Among various versions of the game, the 21 version grew in popularity and became the basis for the modern games. The game is available in land-based and online casinos with over a dozen variants that have different rules and variations.

Blackjack online is the most popular of the table games but calls for patience, understanding of the rules and a bankroll strategy for you to be effective and win some cash. Here is a guide on how to play blackjack online along with various tips.

How to Play Online Blackjack?

The objective of the players in black jack is to beat the dealer into getting the best hand that is close to hitting a 21. The player loses if the dealer gets a better hand, hits the value of 21 or the total value of the player’s hand exceeds 21.

Casinos play the game with the standard 52-card decks with each of the cards between 2 and 10 bearing the value that is printed on their faces. Jacks, queens and kings are worth a value of 10. However, Aces may take a value of 11 or 1, depending on the place it is played.

The best combination of cards is a two-card total of 21, which is also called a Blackjack. If you hit this combination, your pay-out will be 3:2 unlike the rest of the hands that are paid even money (1:1). You will still get a win even if the dealer hits 21 with three or more cards. However, if the dealer has the same hand or ties with any of the hands, you get a push and your stake is returned.

Several options are available for the players in the course of the game. Here they are.


When you stand, you decide not to draw any other card with the hope that the total you currently have will beat the dealer.


When you hit, you take another card with the hope of getting closer to 21. However, if your total exceeds 21, you burst. You lose your bet in the process.


If you get the first two cards of the same value, you may decide to split the bet into half and make each card a new hand. You will have to place a new bet for the separate hand.

Doubling down

You can also double a hand by creating a hand that is exactly like your earlier hand. Some casinos and variants limit what hands you can double down.


If the first card that the dealer gets is an ace, you can take insurance. This is some protection given the dealer has almost gone halfway to hitting 21. If the dealer indeed hits 21 and loses the hand, you will be paid even or 2:1 for the insurance

Play Black Jack online for free/for fun

You can play Blackjack for free at many of the online casinos. You will not be required to log in or make a deposit into your account to try the free games. Most of these games are available in the desktop and mobile casino.

When you open the free game, you will get virtual cash that you will use to bet. The virtual money is not withdrawable but good in helping you get a feel of the real money games. You will also enjoy all the features of a full real-money game when playing free. This includes all the playing options and sounds in some casinos. There are a few of them that also give you tips as you play to help enhance your skills.

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Mobile Blackjack

Nowadays, you can play black jack on your mobile device. Mobile blackjack is available in an HTML mobile website or app. You do not need to download the software if you are playing on the mobile site.

Most casinos offer you the chance to change the layout of the tables, depending on the size of the screen. You can also pick the software provider from whom you select a game. All the leading gaming providers such as Netent, Microgaming, Extreme Live gaming and Playtech have variants of the game.

What are the variants of online Blackjack?

This game has dozens of variants and new variants are created every while. Variants are similar games to the original but have a few rules modified or added to give players a unique experience. Here are the most popular variants.


Double exposure

This variant is also called the dealer’s disclosure. The version differs from the original game in that the dealer gets his cards facing up for the players to see. This helps players come up with a strategy, which, in turn, reduces the house edge. The variant pays 1:1 instead of the regular 3:2 to cater for this undue advantage to the players.


The European version of the game is similar to the original but differs in the fact that the dealer gets both cards right away. One card faces up while the hole card faces down. Moreover, the dealer only gets the second card after the players make their first moves.

Blackjack Surrender

As the name suggests, this variant provides you with a chance to surrender if you feel like you have no chances of winning at the tables. If you surrender, you lose half of the wager. However, the game follows the same rules as the original.


In Pontoon, the dealer also becomes the banker. Unlike the original, you are required to twist when you need to hit and stick when you want to stand. Additionally, a combination of an Ace and a 10 value card is called a Pontoon. The banker is dealt card facing down, which leaves you with less information on strategy.

Useful Tips and Tricks for Blackjack online

  • Double down at the right time: If double down is played right, it can be a profitable move. Beware of the rules for doubling down, which depend on the table and the variant. If there are no restrictions, consider doubling down if your hand value is 11 or when you have a hand value of 10, but the dealer has any value between four and six.
  • Take advantage of the soft hand to edge closer to 21: The soft hand is the hand that has an ace when playing blackjack online. The hand normally appears with a stroke such as 8/19. This hand cannot burst with a single card as the aces can take the value of 1 or 11. Use the advantage to strengthen your hand and come closer to 21.
  • Do not split pairs of six or 10: A pair of tens equal to a value of 20 while that of six gives you 12. However, if you split a 20, you lose a chance to beat the dealer who can only win by hitting a 21. Splitting a pair of 6 gives you the worst hand possible.