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Online Casino Games

Online casino games are an adaptation of the land-based casino offers. Over the years, gaming software providers have upgraded their gaming experience by providing high-quality graphics, 3D gaming experience, and lots of themes. Today, there are over 2000 game titles offered by over twenty software gaming providers.

Many online casinos partner with a few gaming software providers. You are also likely to find different variants of popular games from the same or different providers. Here is a detailed overview of some of the popular games on the online platform.

  • slotsSlots
  • blackjackBlackjack
  • rouletteRoulette
  • baccaratBaccara

What Games are Offered?

Here are some of the most popular games:

Slot Games

Online Slots are some of the most popular games and make the largest chunk of games on offer. There are different types as follows. Classics are three-reel classic games and feature fruit and gemstone symbols. There are also the modern 5-reel slots, 7-reel slots, progressive jackpot slots, and multi-reel slots.

casino games categorySlot games differ in the number of pay lines, wild and scatter symbols and the rules applied when playing them. For example, progressive slots feature networked jackpots whose value increases with the number of players who try the game. Other slots have an absolute number of coins that you can win.

Some of the most common titles include Starburst, Gonzo’s Quest, Mega Moolah, and Book of Dead, among others. Most of the classic slots have an RTP of between 95% and 97% while the video slots have an RTP of up to 99.6%.

Card Games

Classic card games include the following.


This is the most popular casino game and has the largest number of variants on online casino. In the card game, the participants of the game compete against the dealer with the objective of having a better hand than the dealer while ensuring that they do not go over 21.

All number cards have the same value as the one written on their faces. All Jacks, Kings, and Queens have a value of 10. The Ace has a value of either 1 or 11, depending on how you play the card.

The game uses a standard pack of 52 cards without the joker. Each player is dealt two cards facing down in the same ways as the dealer. Most of the Black Jack games and their variants allow you to split, double or stand in relation to the additional cards. If the dealer gets an ace as the first card, you can take insurance at half the bet amount.


Roulette games involve a little white marble that moves around the spinning wheel. Therefore, the game consists of a betting table, a spinning wheel, and the ball. Before playing each round, the players place their bet amounts in designated chips on the table. Then, the ball moves before slowing on a numbered pocket. You win when the wager matches the destination of the ball.

There are three variants of roulette, French, American, and European. Players can bet on a red or black color, a range of numbers, high or low number, odd or even. You get a winning number when the ball drops in any of the 36 pockets, zero, and double zero pockets. The payoffs depend on the bet you are on. Red and black, even and odd, low and high bets pay even money while a dozen bet pays 2:1. The highest paying bet is one number straight bet at a payoff of 35:1.

Play a big selection of games for real money!


Yes. You can play a variety of casino games for free. Most gaming software providers have demo versions of some of their games from the slots right across live dealer casino and card games. Other casinos offer free spins to their players on registration. Check your casino for either the free spins or demo version at each category of the games.

Most casinos offer you a choice of over 400 casino games with real money on their platforms. These games include slots, video poker, Bingo, Baccarat, Caribbean poker, live dealer tables, scratch cards, and arcade games, among others. In fact, almost all the games available on the casino have a real money version of themselves. To play any of them, you must have deposited some cash into your casino account and selected the amount that you are wagering on the gamer.

The house edge is the mathematical advantage that the online casino has over you when playing the game. The house edge is the profit that the casino shall make all the time when you play their games and the loss that have to make every time you play casino games. The house edge takes care of the gaming provider and the casino’s costs of providing and supporting the game. Most of the games have a house edge of between 1% and 15%.

There are tens of games that provide you with the best odds of making a good win on the online casino. When looking for the odds, the average house edge is put into consideration. Moreover, the knowledge of the games and ease of play improves the odds of winning the game. Here are the games with the best odds.

Craps: The game involves betting on a dice roll. It is a little intimidating but has nearly 50-50 chances of winning the game.

Roulette: Despite a high house edge, roulette is also a simple game; all you have to do is to bet on a favourite number. When the dealer spins and your number come, it is a win. If you go for Blacks or Reds, the chances of winning are 50-50. The only catch on American roulette wheels is the O and the OO position.

Yes. You can download apps on your phone to play games. Most casinos have apps for iPhone and Android platforms. Where the casino does not have an app, you can access mobile games via your mobile phone browser.

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