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Ethereum Casinos

An increasing number of online casinos are accepting digital currencies, and Ethereum is one of the most used payment options. With Ethereum casinos growing in numbers exponentially, picking a suitable one Ethereum Logocan be daunting. You can’t be confident that every gambling platform that accepts the virtual coin is reputable or meets your gaming needs. Therefore, we make the selection process less challenging by reviewing and rating the best Ethereum gambling sites.

Top 3 Ethereum Casinos 2022

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How We Rate an Ethereum Gambling Site

We established a multi-step process to compare and rank Ethereum online casinos. The criteria factors in the most important elements of a gaming platform. We look at:

How Does an Ethereum Casino Operate?

Ethereum gambling is not that much different from conventional internet gaming, except for the payment solution. In most cases, the online casino lets you deposit and withdraw via digital currency. So, you have to get a wallet and acquire coins for transactions. On the payment page, the casino generates an address you use for deposits. Another way an Ethereum online casino works is through smart contracts. The blockchain supports smart contracts, which are agreements between two parties in computer code. Both parties have to meet predetermined conditions for the execution of a smart contract.

These transactions are immutable, meaning they cannot be altered. If you win, the smart contract pays without the operator interfering in any way. Only selected ETH gambling sites allow betting with smart contracts. Most of them accept direct virtual currency deposits and withdrawals. Find out which type of transactions an Ethereum online casino supports before using it.


  • Provable fairness guarantees game integrity
  • Speedy transactions
  • Generous bonuses and promotions
  • Low-cost payments


  • Lax regulation of Ethereum casinos
  • High volatility of the cryptocurrency

Provably Fair Ethereum Casinos – How to choose the right one?

As cryptocurrency becomes a more acceptable payment option, the number of casinos accepting it keeps rising. Ethereum offers fast transactions, minimal charges and increased safety, which is why it’s a preferred choice for iGaming. Players have hundreds of Ethereum gambling sites from which to pick. So, the process is not always straightforward. Provably fair casinos include an algorithm that lets gamblers verify game results. Hence, you can be confident the games are not tampered with.

The perfect casino is more than provable fairness, though. Players have different needs, which determine the suitability of an ETH casino. Deposit limits, withdrawal times, the types of games and bonuses are some aspects to consider. Our Ethereum casino review team is comprehensive when investigating operators to ensure they meet the highest standards. If you prefer a blackjack casino, a high roller account or no-deposit bonuses, we ensure you have the best selections on the market. How do we do that? We break down our review criteria below:

Local Restrictions

Before signing up at an online casino, find out if it is legal in your area. Many online gamblers don’t consider the legality of the activity, which is dangerous. Besides the popularity of online gambling, it’s not legal everywhere. Cryptocurrency regulation is also ambiguous in many regions. You might find that iGaming is legal in your country, but digital currencies aren’t. It means you can’t gamble with your preferred coin. Breaking local laws comes with penalties, such as a fine or jail term. So, using Ethereum gambling sites could mean trouble if caught.

flag CanadaOnline casinos consider local regulations when providing their services. Operators don’t accept customers from regions where online gambling is illegal. The licence an ETH casino holds also determines where it operates. For example, UK-registered sites can cater to Canadian gamblers without any problem.

When choosing gambling sites that accept Ethereum, confirm their availability. If there are local restrictions, the chances are that you won’t be able to create an account. Some restricted gaming websites even fail to load. We compile the best Ethereum casinos depending on regional availability.

Reputation and Trustworthiness

The question of a gambling website’s trustworthiness should be at the top of every player’s selection criteria. Just because a casino operates legally in your area doesn’t mean it’s reputable or trustworthy. Licensing doesn’t equal integrity. Therefore, when picking a gambling platform, we consider its standing. How do customers see it? How an operator treats players contributes to its reputation.

VertrauenA casino that prioritises customer satisfaction will have a good status in the industry. We look at customer reviews sites to see what players say about a particular platform. Testimonials paint a picture of how a casino does business. You should particularly focus on the way an operator deals with disputes. A reputable online casino attempts to solve all customer complaints.

Trustworthiness instils confidence, making it easy for gamblers to spend money. Besides your funds, you should also trust that an operator will handle your data properly. How can you identify a trusted Ethereum casino? Experience is one thing. We look at how long a gaming platform has been online because reputation is built over time. Additionally, we research its history. Has an operator faced scandals or never-ending complaints? We pay special attention to rebranded casinos because they might be covering up for a poor reputation to fool players.

Gaming & Betting Portfolio

Preferences are vital when choosing anything. Given you will spend money on casino games, you should have your pick of quality and fun titles. The game library is another essential to consider when comparing the best Ethereum gambling sites. You want a platform that provides your favourites. If you like table games, then a suitable casino should offer all the classics – baccarat, poker and blackjack. Gaming websites that accept ETH have as much variety as regular gambling platforms. So, expect to find virtual machines, card games and lotteries.

During an Ethereum casino review, we factor in the size of the gaming catalogue. How many titles does the site have? A decent operator should mix different genres to cater to players with varying tastes. The quality of games matters too. You should trust that a casino stocks the best products on the market. So, look at the suppliers. Reputable gaming platforms source products from notable, registered developers. You must be sure games are fair too. Provable fairness is one element to look at. Independent testing is another. Certificates from game testing agencies indicate that a casino gets regular audits to verify fairness.

Bonuses & VIP Programs

Ethereum online casinos have some of the biggest offers. Cryptocurrency casinos save money due to the low cost of transactions. Therefore, they can afford to have enticing bonuses. Also, gambling websites that support digital coins offer big promotions to lure players to try them out. Expect the same kinds of offers you find at fiat casinos. Hence, check out the bonuses on an ETH casino to make sure they satisfy your needs. New customers get welcome packages to encourage them to create accounts. If you are looking to boost your bankroll from the first day, then a juicy signup offer can make one platform better than the next.

VIP CasinoHowever, if you prefer bonuses throughout your gaming sessions, then consider a casino’s existing offers. The sites we review have varying types of regular bonuses, including reload, free spins and rebates. We also find out if a gaming website has a VIP program. Loyal customers should be rewarded accordingly. If a loyalty scheme is present, we break down its structure to see its benefits. When comparing different bonuses, we evaluate the wagering requirements. Decent promotions should have fair terms that are not too strict and don’t exploit players.

Deposits & Withdrawal Terms

Your Ethereum gambling experience depends on how efficient the payment process is. The best online casinos provide swift deposits and withdrawals. Crypto transactions on gambling sites are uncomplicated once you grasp how the currency works. When comparing platforms, factor in the payment speeds. Deposits are near-instant on a majority of sites. The problem is usually with payouts. Find out if an operator drags its feet when approving withdrawals. The altcoin has fast transactions; about 15 minutes. Thus, you don’t have to wait days to see your winnings after a cashout request.

Virtual currency prices fluctuate dramatically, and you don’t want your coins losing value while waiting for the casino to greenlight a withdrawal. Also, find out if the site allows payouts in fiat or stablecoins to cushion you against volatility. Check out the deposit and withdrawal limits. Ask if these restrictions interfere with your gaming plans. For instance, if you intend to splurge on casino games, you need a website with a high maximum deposit limit. Withdrawals limits determine the size and frequency of payouts. Find out about any extra verification requirements when cashing out.

Help & Support

Another critical element we ask players to look at when selecting an Ethereum casino is customer service. Although gambling with cryptocurrency is not overly complicated, you might still have questions. Also, common issues with gaming sites might arise over time. Whatever the problem is, you should be able to get the necessary assistance. So, the quality of customer support offered matters. We look at the help page for the available resources. A FAQ section is a welcome relief because it provides solutions to popular issues. It’s the first place customers go to seek help.

FragezeichenWhen gauging customer service, examine the contact options and availability. A live chat is basic for online casinos. An email address and telephone number are added advantages. Find out the response times on the different contact alternatives. Top-rated gambling websites don’t keep customers waiting for too long when they need help.

We also compare how the support team deals with players on various platforms. Customer service representatives should treat gamblers professionally and politely. They should also know how to handle different issues and provide effective solutions.

Get Started with an Ethereum Casino – Our Step-by-Step Guide

In this section, we explain how to gamble at the best Ethereum casinos for a fulfilling experience.

Check Out Our List of Ethereum Casinos before Registering

We know what to look for in the best Ethereum casinos. Our team, comprised of experienced gambling experts, uses a rigorous review process to pick reputable online casinos. Therefore, you can trust our list of recommended sites. Player safety is our biggest concern. We want gamblers to bet on casino games without compromising their security. For that reason, we only rank regulated operators. Our reviews evaluate different features that make one casino more appealing than the next. We consider the bonuses, customer service and gaming options, among others. Since we have already handled the hard work, all you need to do is pick an appropriate ETH casino. Choose a platform that aligns with your gambling objectives to avoid disappointment.

Purchase Crypto Coins

You can buy virtual currencies for gambling from a crypto exchange. Begin by finding the right coin exchange. Although digital currencies are not regulated in most regions, exchanges are. So, ensure you use a licensed provider. Binance, Coinbase and Electrum are examples of crypto exchanges. You have to open an account on the platform to buy coins, which requires you to submit certain information, including an ID. Exchanges take between a few hours and several days to process and approve applications.

Once your account is ready, you can purchase digital coins via credit cards or e-wallets. Note that some coin exchanges don’t support fiat-to-crypto transactions. Therefore, confirm beforehand. Make certain the provider accepts the currency you plan to use for your purchase. Depending on the payment alternative used to acquire coins, you might incur service charges.

Transfer the Coins

After buying coins, you need a place to keep them. A crypto wallet enables you to store, send and receive digital coins. It’s not the same as your exchange account. Almost all crypto exchanges offer wallets, though. Coin wallets come in different types, and you have to select the most suitable one. A web wallet is hosted on a coin exchange or a third party. It facilitates quick transfers, especially when gambling online. Alternatively, you can get a desktop or mobile wallet. This software is installed on the corresponding device. Cold storage or hard wallets allow you to store your coins offline. Research the pros and cons of the various wallets and choose one. Then, you can transfer the coins from the exchange to the wallet.

Deposit & Play

Your wallet has an address or key, which you use to send and receive funds. After depositing funds in your coin wallet, you are ready to gamble. Funding your playing account is fairly simple. Navigate to the casino’s cashier page and select the preferred altcoin as the payment option, and enter the amount you wish to deposit. The website will direct you to the payment page that generates a unique address. This key connects you to the Ethereum blockchain. Follow the prompts to complete the transfer. Pay attention not to get the wrong address to avoid losing your coins forever. It should take a few minutes to finish this process and get the funds in your casino account. Then, you can start wagering!

Final Thoughts from Our Experts

If you have been curious about Ethereum gambling, now you have a few elementals to help you navigate the field. The appeal of gaming with altcoins is evident. Given that the altcoin is one of the most popular by market share, it’s a practical alternative to fiat and other virtual coins. The cryptocurrency is highly secure, with cost-effective and fast transactions. You can also be sure about your safety and security. However, you can only enjoy these benefits by playing at the best Ethereum gambling sites. Similarly to fiat casinos, crypto sites differ on a broad scale. Just because an operator supports altcoins doesn’t guarantee a rewarding gambling experience.

Therefore, don’t rush to play at the first Ethereum online casino that seems decent. Research gaming websites thoroughly. It might take some time, but you won’t regret it. Our reviews and ratings are good places to begin because they narrow down your options. We recommend licensed, safe and trustworthy sites. So, you only need to find the most suitable one for you. Gambling preferences vary widely, which is why our lists include different casinos. Don’t settle for just any casino when you can have your pick of top-tier platforms, where you can have enriching gambling adventures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. The gambling sites are legal. However, the legality of using these online casinos varies across regions. Cryptocurrency regulation is not the same everywhere. Many countries don’t consider digital coins legal tender and, thus, have no legislation to govern their use. In some nations, blockchain transactions are illegal. Therefore, local laws determine if you can use digital coins to bet on casino games. Regions that allow gamblers to play on offshore sites require those operators to have valid licences. Hence, always game on regulated casinos.

Ethereum gambling affords you a degree of privacy. When depositing or withdrawing using virtual currencies, you don’t have to submit any personal details. Transactions require the wallet address of the sender and recipient. It means you need not compromise sensitive data when gaming on the web. Contrary to popular belief, crypto transactions are not entirely anonymous because payments can still be tied to your wallet. Another way to improve privacy when gambling is via no-registration casinos. Some gaming platforms let players bet without creating accounts, meaning your activities are private.

The promotional terms dictate if a bonus is withdrawable or not. An Ethereum casino structures bonuses like a standard online casino. Thus, they can be sticky or not. Sticky bonuses cannot be withdrawn. It means you can only use the funds to play. You can, however, cash out returns from a sticky bonus, subject to promotional terms. A non-sticky bonus adds the free funds to your playing account. So, you can withdraw them.

The availability of a sportsbook depends on the operator. Yes, some Ethereum gambling sites have bookmakers that let punters wager with the digital currency. However, crypto sports betting is not as popular as casino gaming. Nevertheless, you can be confident about finding a reputable sportsbook where you can stake money on a host of events. These sites cover a wide range of markets, such as soccer, ice hockey and basketball. Punters can use virtual currencies to bet on local and international competitions.

Serenity or ETH2 improves on the existing blockchain. The upgrade aims to enhance the security and scalability of the existing network. Through several phases, this version will switch from the current proof-of-work system to a proof-of-stake mechanism. The planned improvements will boost efficiency by reducing bottlenecks, leading to more and faster transactions than the network presently accommodates.

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