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Bitcoin Casinos

Players have good reasons to gamble with Bitcoin. For one, the cryptocurrency offers a higher level of privacy than fiat payments. More and more casinos are accepting the legacy digital coin, giving gamblers bitcoinsoptions from which to choose. How can you identify and reliable BTC casino?

With every operator promising great services and products, sorting through the available choices can be intimidating. It’s why we strive to simplify the research process as much as possible. We are a team of gambling experts that tests and rates the best Bitcoin casinos to help you find a suitable platform.

Top Bitcoin Casinos 2022

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1,500 + Games

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How We Rate Bitcoin Gambling Sites

Crypto casino reviews are a critical factor when picking a gaming website. They give you a sneak peek of a particular operator before sinking funds into it. So, we understand why players want comprehensive reviews and objective ratings. You must be wondering, why choose us? What makes our recommendations worth considering? Our multi-step rating process is the reason. We evaluate all the main features of a Bitcoin casino. If you are going to select a site based on our reviews, then we make certain you are well informed. We use the following criteria for casino ratings.


The question of legality always comes up in online gambling. Most players want to be sure they can use a crypto casino legally whenever they are. One way to guarantee that is to play on licensed sites. Many countries allow iGaming on offshore websites as long as they are registered. So, we only recommend licensed Bitcoin casinos.

Regulation gives customers a leg to stand on in case of an operator’s bad conduct. You can take the issue to the regulator for legal recourse. Another plus side is that regulators impose a set of standards for licensees. These rules ensure an operator acts in the players’ best interest. Hence, you can be confident about the legitimacy of a licensed BTC casino.

Types of Games

We take game variety seriously because it means everything to some players. After all, the primary motivation to join an online casino is to play. Therefore, you want games that align with your interests. Before recommending a cryptocurrency gambling website, we ensure it provides players with what they need. So, we evaluate the game library extensively. What different genres does it cover?

A decent casino should have at least slots and table games. Lotteries, such as Keno, scratchcards and game shows are an added advantage. Platforms that offer live games rank high, as well. Apart from the types of games, the quality is equally important. When writing a Bitcoin casino review, we consider the suppliers an operator works with. The best gambling sites get their products from notable, regulated developers, like Playtech, Microgaming and Betsoft.

Safety and Security

Any smart gambler is concerned about how safe it is to use online casinos. Internet users face a myriad of cyber threats, and gambling websites are some of the biggest targets. In crypto gaming, you also have to factor in the risks of using coin exchanges – other attractive targets. Therefore, online safety takes centre stage when evaluating BTC gambling sites. The point is to reduce the risks players deal with when using our recommended casinos.

Licenses are the first indicators of safe online casinos. Regulators require licensees to meet a level of security to protect users. We check if an operator encrypts its website, which is the minimum security standard. Encryption, such as SSL, facilitates secure data transmission. Bitcoin online casinos also use firewalls to prevent data breaches. During reviews, we research if an operator suffered a cyberattack in the past, and if so, analyse its responses.

Customer Service

A Bitcoin online casino could tick all the boxes, and players will still encounter an issue or two. No gambling website is perfect. The best operators can do is to ensure customers receive assistance when they need it. For this reason, we include customer support in our rating criteria. We look at the contact options available. Does a casino offer email, live chat or telephone support?

A reliable operator should give gamblers at least two means of communication. The availability of the support team matters too. Is it 24/7, or are there dedicated hours? The best Bitcoin casinos provide customer service around the clock. We also see if a gambling site has a FAQs section because it’s a crucial resource. It serves as the first point of contact with customer support. Multiple language support is another aspect we use to determine the customer service quality.

Bitcoins and Gambling – How Does it Work?

This coin introduced the world to cryptocurrency when it launched in 2008. It is a digital currency as opposed to the traditional physical currency. It runs on a distributed network where every transaction is recorded in blocks that link to form the network, hence, the name blockchain. The blockchain network is decentralised, eliminating the need for a bank, government or other authority to control payments. For this reason, the cryptocurrency provides fast transactions.

The technology also affords users better privacy than fiat payments. Although your transactions are not entirely anonymous, they are highly secure and private. Another trait of the digital coin is cost-effectiveness. Due to the absence of a central bank, you don’t incur a lot of charges. When using the currency for online gambling, you only have to worry about small fees when buying the coin. Most casinos don’t charge for deposits and withdrawals but always confirm first.

Gambling with BTC is as simple as conventional online casino gaming. You only need to learn how the cryptocurrency works and what affects its performance. When you decide which casino to use, you can deposit coins in your gambling account and start betting. The only difference when gambling with the virtual currency is that you don’t have to submit any personal details during transactions. Crypto gambling lets you hide your identity. You can play all kinds of casino games with digital coins.


  • Transactions are incredibly secure
  • Little to no fee for deposits and withdrawals
  • Fast payments
  • Better payment security


  • Coin volatility can affect your bankroll
  • It may take some time to learn
  • A high risk of losing money

How to Find the Best Bitcoin Casinos in Canada?

With the numerous alternatives out there, deciding which Bitcoin casino is better for your online gaming might be daunting. However, you can save yourself a lot of stress if you know how to compare gambling websites. You can determine the quality of a crypto casino by looking at specific elements.

flag CanadaNarrow down your options by sticking to regulated operators available in Canada. Then look at the reputation. How does a casino carry itself? The way a gambling site interacts with players speaks volumes. Look at the operator’s history. Is it known for good services and products?

If a casino was involved in a scandal and then rebranded, check out expert reviews to see if it got better. Consider the bonuses offered when comparing casinos. If you intend to supplement your bankroll with a bonus or two, make sure you are getting the best deals. Don’t focus too much on the amount. Instead, look at the types and terms. If an offer seems too good, then read all the terms carefully before committing to that casino.

The available payment methods matter as well. Even when you want to gamble with BTC, you might need to use other coins down the line. Therefore, find out if an operator supports other cryptocurrencies. If you think you might switch to fiat at some point, then look for hybrid casinos that accept digital coins and traditional payment methods.

What Games are Available on Bitcoin Gambling Sites?

Cryptocurrency casinos are not any different to regular gambling websites when it comes to gaming solutions. A Bitcoin casino has all the games you would find anywhere else. Of course, the variety depends on the operator. Here are some of the games you can expect to find.

Online slots are widely popular at crypto casinos. A gambling platform can have hundreds, even thousands, of virtual machines. They vary according to different factors, which is part of the appeal. Online slots can be high, medium or low variance, which indicates their payout frequency. The games are available in various themes, such as action, mystery adventure or Nordic myths. Slots also have different mechanics, like 3D, video and classic.

Table games consist of classic casino games. These include blackjack, baccarat and roulette. BTC gambling sites ensure they have a range of table games, even though they might not be as many as slots. The advantage of classic games is that they have multiple variants. Roulette, for example, is available in European, American and French versions. These variations provide players with enough entertainment options.

You can gamble with BTC on live casino games. Most crypto gambling websites have live dealer games, which are some of the biggest attractions in iGaming. Live casinos provide human dealers operating from physical studios to mimic brick-and-mortar casinos. This section offers standard table games, like blackjack.

Get Started with a Bitcoin Online Casino – Our Step by Step

Bitcoin gambling is uncomplicated, whether you prefer playing on mobile or desktop. It still helps when you know what to expect. This section of the guide takes you through the process.

Buy Bitcoins

You could get the digital coins you need for gambling through mining, but that’s only practical if you possess the technical know-how and resources necessary. If you only require funds for your casino gaming, then it makes more sense to buy coins. This process begins by opening an account with a coin exchange. Crypto exchanges are platforms that sell, buy and trade virtual currencies.

They also host coin wallets. Find a regulated service because it’s the only way to transact with cryptocurrency in Canada. Additionally, check if the company is reliable. Coinbase, Electrum and Binance are some popular coin exchanges. Licensed platforms have stringent KYC protocols that necessitate customer ID verification. So, you will have to submit various documents to open your account. Once you set up, you can purchase the cryptocurrencies you want for iGaming.

Get a Coin Wallet

Cryptocurrency transactions require you to have a wallet where you store your funds. The coins are transferred in and out of this wallet when making payments. You can get an online or hosted wallet from a coin exchange. Therefore, you wouldn’t have to deal with another service. Alternatively, you can get a standalone wallet downloaded on your PC or smartphone.

These options are better if you have large amounts you wouldn’t want to risk storing on a web wallet. Cold storage or a hardware wallet is a physical device, such as a flash drive, that holds your coins. Compare the different storage solutions and pick the one that matches your gambling demands.

Find a Suitable Casino

For a rewarding gambling experience, you need to select an appropriate casino. We explained a bit about how to find the best Bitcoin gambling sites. Thus, you know what to watch out for. Check out our list of recommended platforms for an idea.

Deposit Bitcoins to an Online Casino

Once you have funds in your wallet, then you can start playing. Register at your chosen casino. Go to the cashier page and click on ‘Deposits.’ Select Bitcoin as the payment method. The website will generate a unique address, which you have to enter into your wallet. Input the amount and confirm the payment. It should take a few seconds for the funds to reflect in your casino account.

Our Final Thoughts to Bitcoin Casinos

Given the advantages of BTC as a payment method, it is not surprising it has such a powerful impact in the iGaming sector. Cryptocurrencies are ideal for online gambling, and the legacy coin has some unique advantages. Because it was the first to be developed, the original crypto has earned considerable trust among consumers, an edge it has over altcoins. The virtual currency sets the trends in the blockchain payment scene. Its growing popularity contributed to the increased number of cryptocurrency gambling sites. A sector that had a handful of operators willing to take the chance now has massive competition. Players across the globe can easily find legal and trustworthy Bitcoin online casinos.

Despite the growing prominence of this iGaming field, regulation across different nations and territorial remains murky. Legislation ranges from strict regulation to non-existent. For this reason, gamblers who prefer betting with the legacy digital coin must be knowledgeable about the legality of the practice. In most regions, including Canada, you can gamble online with cryptocurrency. As more online casinos accept virtual currencies as payment alternatives, the need for useful educational resources increases. Players should be able to find the necessary help when choosing suitable casinos. This site is a comprehensive resource, where you can find a Bitcoin casino review, rating or guide to make your selection process less challenging.

Frequently Asked Questions to Bitcoin Casinos

Yes. By design, the cryptocurrency functions on anonymity. You only need the address of the wallet and an email to send and withdraw money from an online casino. Each user has a private key to authorise transactions. BTC transactions are nearly impossible to trace.

In Canada, provinces and territories are entrusted with gambling legislation. Hence, the legality of internet gambling varies from one region to another. Generally, you can play at online casinos in Canada legally, provided they are registered offshore. When it comes to using cryptocurrency, the country doesn’t recognise it as legal tender. However, Canada is friendly towards the use of digital coins for payments. Currency holders are required to use licensed coin exchanges. So, Canadian players can wager with the cryptocurrency at regulated online casinos. Nonetheless, check out local laws to be certain. Note that crypto transactions are subject to taxation.

Funding a gambling account with the cryptocurrency is instant. It means your money will be available to gamble with almost immediately. Digital currency payments are fast because they don’t have to go through third-party approval. The decentralised nature of the coin means there is no intermediary like in traditional payment methods. Thus, transactions don’t have a waiting period. However, ensure you complete your casino registration and the necessary verification requirements to avoid delays during deposits.

One advantage of Bitcoin gambling is that you enjoy faster transactions than fiat payments. Withdrawals using the virtual coin take between 15 minutes and 1 hour. Due to Bitcoin’s growing popularity, it tends to be slower than other cryptocurrencies because requests take longer to confirm. Still, it offers excellent speeds. However, you have to factor in the withdrawal times of a specific operator. The average is 24 hours, but it could be longer if the casino has to verify your identity for a large payout. Therefore, check a platform’s withdrawal duration when choosing one.

Bonuses at cryptocurrency casinos work the same way as on regular gambling websites. Therefore, whether a bonus is withdrawable or not depends on the promotional terms. An operator that accepts digital currencies has different kinds of bonuses. Non-cashable offers are the most popular. With these bonuses, the operator separates your real balance and free funds. Although you can play with the bonus and win, you cannot withdraw it. On rare occasions, a Bitcoin gambling website can give away a non-sticky bonus, where the free funds are combined with your deposit, meaning you can cash them out. Read the terms of a particular bonus carefully before claiming it to see if you can withdraw it.

Yes, you can wager on your preferred sports using the cryptocurrency. Some gambling platforms provide casino gaming and sports betting to give bettors different gambling solutions in one place. These websites provide an array of sports for punters to bet on, ranging from popular ones like football, basketball and baseball to niche offerings, like water polo. The available markets vary from one sportsbook to another. Betting on sports with BTC is not complicated. You only have to deposit digital coins into your betting account once you find a suitable bookmaker. Follow the same process as in casino gaming of acquiring virtual currencies and transferring them to your chosen sportsbook.

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