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Stake Casino Banking

Rating: 9.2 / 10

Accepted payment methods at Stake Casino:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Dogecoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Ripple
  • Tron
  • EOS

Stake Crypto Payments

Make Your First Crypto Deposit

Leading Stake Payment Methods

To begin our Stake payment review, it is important to note that Stake itself is a crypto casino. That means you can only gamble here in one of the eight different digital coins accepted.

While Bitcoin is by far the most popular, plenty of other players appreciate the opportunity to bank in other crypto currencies like Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple, each of which has its own audience and fan base for their own reasons.

Crypto LogoIf you already hold any of the accepted crypto currencies, then you will simply be using your crypto wallet to make transfers for both deposits and withdrawals. The alternative is to buy crypto from your Stake wallet via the third-party provider MoonPay. This is a safe and easy way to acquire crypto, paying with any number of currencies including USD, EUR, CAD, BRL, JPY, RUB, and more.

Review and Rating of Stake Deposits

Since casino banking starts with your initial deposit, so it is here we will begin our in-depth review of Stake banking. Basically, we can summarize the experience of making a deposit at Stake as super simple. All you need to do is create a Stake casino account in a few short steps and you’re ready to go.

Once logged in, you will see the blue ‘Wallet’ button at the top center of your screen. Click on that button and you’ll be right where you need to be in order to begin the deposit process –revealing Stake’s first crypto deposit advantage.

And that is, since crypto currency is international by nature, that’s a huge burden off your back as you will not have to try and figure out which payment method will work best from your neck of the woods. Instead, from the dropdown menu, simply choose the crypto currency you will be depositing. You will then see the relevant deposit address listed, or if preferred, you can scan the QR code that appears onscreen.

While all Stake deposits will essentially be experienced as instant – that is you will see your money in your account within a matter of minutes – note that the exact length of time they will take depends on how many verifications are required. BTC deposits, for example, only require one blockchain verification to complete the transaction making them especially fast. LTC on the other hand requires six confirmations, though these generally go quickly as well.

Security IconAs for safety, we’ll point out that while Stake has excellent encryption measures in place, you can also lend further protection to your transactions by enabling 2FA to make your deposits even more secure.

Overall, the Stake depositing process is so user-friendly that we’ve given it a score of 9.2 out of 10.

Limits and Fee Structure When Depositing

One of the things people like best about crypto gambling is the fact that there is far more flexibility allowed. That is, there are very few limits around your transactions.

On the depositing end, this can be felt in the minimum deposit realm. More specifically, there is absolutely no minimum deposit required, with the exception of Ethereum which requires a deposit amount no less than 0.00300000. Of course, zero won’t work to move funds to your account, but you get the drift. You can enter the Stake casino game with even small sums in your account.

The same convenience extends to the other end of the spectrum in that there is also no maximum cap on the amount you can deposit. So if you’re a high roller and into crypto gambling, you’re in luck. Stake banking is built for you! You can deposit as much as you want, as often as you want.

Stake Casino Crypto

Do note, however, there is always a blockchain fee involved in crypto currency transactions. So no matter how small your deposit, it will need to be big enough to cover that – and preferably leave you something with which to play.

And if you have any questions about any of this, you can easily turn to Stake support through the live chat button to get real-time answers to help you out.


<tr”>litecoin tableimmediatelyNo Limits0,1 LTC / no Limit0,0005 LTC

Currency Time Min. / Max. Deposit Min. / Max. Withdrawal Fee
bitcoin table immediately No Limits 0,0005 BTC / no Limit 0,00007 BTC
ethereum table immediately 9,99$ in ETH / no Limit 0,01 ETH / no Limit 0,0002 ETH
bitcoin cash table immediately No Limits 0,004 BCH / no Limit 0,00001 BCH
dogecoin table immediately No Limits 50 DOGE / no Limit 1,5 DOGE
ripple logo immediately No Limits 30 XRP / no Limit 0,0001 XRP
tron table immediately No Limits 250TRX / no Limit 1 TRX
eos logo immediately No Limits 2 EOS / no Limit 0,1 EOS

Making Payouts from your Stake Account

With such a positive review of Stake deposits, the best thing about Stake banking we’d actually say is the ease and speed of withdrawals. Seriously, getting your money out of Stake casino is refreshingly easy.

Coin WalletWhenever you wish to make a withdrawal, simply log in to Stake and open your wallet there. In just three simple steps, that include choosing which crypto you’d like to cash out, you’ll be done with the process.

The really amazing thing is that you can withdraw as much as you like as often as you like. That means absolutely no limits on how much you can withdraw in a month, a day, or even an hour. This is a big difference between Stake and many other online casinos out there.

There is, however, a minimum withdrawal required for each of the crypto currencies, which is subject to change as the exchange rate fluctuates. For your convenience, you can see the minimum listed under the ‘Amount’ field when you go to make your withdrawal. And additionally, you will see the withdrawal fee charged to cover the blockchain transaction fee on the same screen. In other words, Stake is very upfront about all the details when it comes to your money, which is an excellent trait in our books.

As for how long payouts take, we can tell you not long at all. While each crypto coin requires a different number of confirmations to complete the transaction, what is certain is that crypto transactions are far faster than fiat transactions. So even counting as many as six or eight confirmations needed, it should take no more than a few minutes to fully cash out.

Our Conclusion on Stake Casino Banking

Overall we can safely conclude that Stake casino offers excellent banking. The number of crypto currencies offered (eight) makes it easy enough to find one that suits your style, while the option to buy crypto onsite helps others get in on the game.

All of the banking functionality is easy to navigate and completely intuitive, with no superfluous steps in between. Lightning fast isn’t just a catch phrase here, rather a true mode of operation, and you can be rest-assured that getting your money in and out of the casino is a quick and hassle-free process.

Plus, with no limits on how little you can deposit or how much you can withdraw, your gambling horizons are more open than ever.

Play now with Cryptos!

Martin Hill tested and rated Stake Casino