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Stake Casino Bonuses and Promotions

Rating: 8.9 / 10

Stake welcome offer: Rakeback bonus (promo code required)
Other bonuses: Monthly bonus, daily rain, weekly challenges, and more
Max bonus: Depends on your VIP level

Stake Welcome Offer

If you’re a new player to Stake, you might be wondering about the Stake welcome offer. After all, the welcome bonus is a central question on some players’ minds.

Well, as you will likely notice for yourself when clicking over to the casino site, there is no big banner promoting a massive Stake welcome bonus. That is because Stake, like many crypto casinos out there, does not have a traditional welcome package per se. That is, a big cash bonus on your first deposit, or hundreds of free spins for joining.

Stake Promos

That’s because the power of this online casino is in the long-haul experience, for which you will assuredly be well rewarded in the future (more on that to follow).

That being said, for those who are really insistent that being rewarded for joining makes all the difference in your decision, we will point out that you can get rakeback at Stake right from the start. That means you will get 10% on the house edge for every bet you place. Or put in practical terms, if you bet 1 BTC on a game with a 3% house edge, you will get 0.003 BTC back as a bonus, with no limits as to how much rakeback you can get.

How it works is as follows. If you join Stake based on our recommendation, use our promotion code to get rakeback activated on your bets. Just make sure to activate this option within 24 hours of registering under Account > Settings > Offers, and then enter the code. If you miss out on this window of opportunity, by the way, no worries. The Stake support is super helpful, so just contact them through chat and they’ll sort you out.

Stake Wagering Requirements at a Glance

Since the Stake welcome offer is not a match deposit bonus, nor is it free spins, there are no particular wagering requirements associated with it. In fact, it is rare to find a Stake bonus with attached wagering requirements, though if they exist, you will be clearly notified.

This in part is likely due to how Stake doles out bonuses. And that is, that you need to meet certain requirements in terms of your activity onsite in the first place in order to receive them.

Our Review and Rating of Stake Bonuses

While it’s true there is no gigantic Stake welcome package to claim, there are plenty of other bonuses and promotions on offer at Stake to make up for it. And yes, the structuring is a little different than at other online casinos. But we’re reviewing Stake because frankly we always appreciate a casino that does something a little different too.

So if you’re looking for crypto casino bonuses, then in general, you’ve come to the right place, with plenty of potential rewards available here. Again, keep reading for some more details. And in the meantime, we’ll already tip you off that despite the lack of a huge first deposit match bonus, Stake earns itself an 8.9 on the bonus and promotions front from our review team.

Stake Monthly Bonuses

At Stake, many of the more traditional bonuses are tied to your VIP standing and recent activity level. The monthly bonus is one such example.

How it works is actually interesting. Since much of what Stake does is about creating player engagement, the casino keeps a lid on when the bonus will be sent and what it will entail. That is, each month, if you qualify, you will be sent a bonus to your email (so make sure to check!).

The Stake monthly bonus, unlike at other casinos, is sent on a random day in the month, so you never know when you’ll get the surprise. Also, it is not the same type of bonus, or even amount, every month. Sometimes it’s a Stake reload bonus (which can be daily, hourly, or even every 10 minutes!), while other times you make get a coupon for a one-time bonus. In general, the higher your VIP and activity level, the bigger the bonus will be. Fun stuff in our books.

Thumbs Up IconAdvantages of the Stake Bonuses:
  • you get more bonuses, not just one welcome bonus
  • you can get weekly thousands of Dollar or crypto coins
  • if you don’t have time to play, you miss just one bonus, the next one is coming fast
  • you get to know new games and slots regularly

Additional Stake Loyalty Bonuses

Here’s another benefit to note. At Stake, loyalty pays. And in the good old-fashioned way, with cash, or at least bonuses for cash value that is. As you move up from the bronze level through to the top diamond tier, the benefits will increase accordingly.

Stake 100k Giveaway PromoJust remember, however, that at Stake, players tend to be quite active (it’s a crypto gambling site with really strong devotees after all), so you will need to wager rather steadily to climb the ranks.

The loyalty rewards you can expect in kind, include increasingly higher: level up bonuses, rakeback bonuses, weekly boosts, monthly bonuses, and VIP host bonuses.

Stake Chat Bonuses

Another cool feature at Stake is the site wide chat that you will be invited to join after you’ve wagered a collective value of $100. In addition to being a source of entertainment and connection with other players, Stake chat is a great opportunity to earn additional prizes.

Money IconFor example, every day the Stake community managers run special rain, trivia, and roll hunt promotions there. These take place at random times usually, and are announced just in advance, so make sure you’re paying attention to get in on the goods.

If you’re on Telegram, it’s also interesting to note that Stake runs two exclusive promotions there – the Daily Telegram Challenge and Telegram 3rd Party Slot Hunts. There are also weekly VIP and regular challenges as well as sports challenges, if you’re looking for something beyond the casino realm.

Other Stake Promotions

If all that wasn’t enough, have a look under the Stake ‘Promotions’ tab and you will see a huge list of offers running at any given time. While these are subject to change, a good sampling of these at any given time would include things along the lines of Stake’s Weekly $50,000 Giveaway, the $45,000 Spinomenal Promotion, Pragmatic Drops & Wins with over $1 million in prizes, the Playson Reel of Fortune Promotion, the Stake vs Eddie – $5,000 Weekly Jackpot, and many more.

Drops and Wins

Drops and Wins at Stake

Our Conclusion on Stake Casino Bonuses

And so there you have it. A complete and thorough review of Stake bonuses from our casino experts. While we do hope to see a proper welcome bonus in the form of some big free cash up front, there are plenty of other offers to more than make up for it. And since many of these are different from what we see at other online casinos, we like them even more. These unique bonuses give Stake the refreshing feel we’re after, and give you the player plenty to aspire to beyond regular game play, and hopefully, big cash winnings.

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