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Spinit Payments

Rating: 7 / 10

Payment methods with Spinit Casino at a glance:

  • Credit and debit cards
  • Skrill
  • Bank transfer
  • Paysafecard
  • Entropay

3 Top Payment Methods with Spinit

Credit and Debit Cards

credit and debit cardsVisa, MasterCard, and Maestro, among other forms of credit and debit card services, are the most preferred modes for making casino payments. They are readily available and offer a great deal of convenience that is not usually available when using other payment services. These steps should help you deposit cash to your Spinit casino account:

  • Once you have acquired the debit or credit card, log into your casino account
  • Click on the Cashier icon and select you brand (MasterCard, Visa, and Maestro)
  • Fill in your name, its number, expiration date, and the three-digit safety code etched at the back
  • Choose the amount you wish to deposit and confirm
  • The money is deposited instantly


skrillThis digital wallet was initially called moneybookers before it transformed to Skrill. The payment service allows online payments made via platforms like online casinos and sportsbooks. Skrill has become a popular e-wallet payment method as it is available in more than 200 countries and supports over 40 currencies. During our extensive review of Spinit payment methods, we found that many players preferred Skrill over other e-wallets due to the low processing fees. The registration process is easy:

  • Visit the Skrill website
  • Enter personal information to verify your identity
  • Choose a password and answer a few security questions
  • Link your account to the bank account, credit or debit card
  • Once your Skrill account is verified and approved, you can use Skrill to make payment


entropayIt is a virtual debit card that uses Visa Network to make online payments. The service was introduced in 2003 and was the first European virtual prepaid card. Entropay is similar to Visa credit and debit cards only that the former does not exist in physical form. Instead, it issues virtual visa cards with which online payments can be affected and purchases made anywhere on the internet where Visa is an approved mode of payment. As such, holders of EntroPay virtual visa cards can quickly make payments to online merchants and web-shops. The payment service works just like the regular credit card. Here’s how:

  • Choose EntroPay as your preferred mode of payment
  • Indicate your preferred Spinit deposit amount, your name and Virtual Visa card number
  • Confirm the details, so the deposited amount is credited immediately to the casino account

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Our Rating and Review to Spinit deposits

Credit and debit cards ranked first due to its ability to make instant deposits, availability and acceptability. Also, players who used debit cards cited that it prevented overspending. This feature is particularly useful to players who are addicted to gambling.

EntroPay ranked second especially due to its ability to provide instant and anonymous payments. With this service users are not bothered about online gambling transactions showing up on their credit statements. The only transactions likely to appear are deposits made to EntroPay to load the card. Also, its affiliation with Visa card means that it can be accepted anywhere. Compared to other Spinit payment methods, it has a pretty short payout time, i.e., 1-2 days. Our experts also found EntroPay to be an excellent means of curbing players’ spending habits. Since you have to load the virtual card before making a deposit, the player is conscious about the amount he is spending.

Spinit Payment Options

Though an excellent e-wallet competitor, Skrill ranks third on this review. Its main advantage over the popular PayPal is its withdrawal fee, which is usually capped at $20. Also, it has set up high-security measures that ensure your banking information is secure. However, our experts found Spinit cash out time for Skrill extremely long as it can take as long as five days. Factors such as whether it is your first time to use Skrill, whether you are cashing out cash received as part of a bonus, or if you are using Skrill to make an initial deposit affect the processing time for withdrawals. We noted that players who used the service for the first time were asked additional security questions to verify their identity.

Limitations and Fees When Depositing Money

Spinit deposit limits mainly rely on the rules and policies set out by the casino and the payment method. Spinit requires a minimum deposit of $10, which is usually the standard for many Spinit deposit methods. However, some payment services may require players to make a minimum deposit of $30. The maximum deposit limit ranges from $250-$5,000 while the withdrawal limit is capped at $5,500 per week and not more than $22,000 per month.

Spinit deposit fee for credit and debit cards ranges from 2.5% to 5% of the amount. The deposit limit varies based on the brand since debit cards from Maestro and Visa Electron allow a minimum deposit of $10 while credit cards from MasterCard and Visa have a higher limit of $50. For withdrawals, the minimum amount is set at $10, but users cashing out amounts higher than $25,000 are required to provide additional verification.

Skrill PaymentsSkrill does not charge a fee for moving money from your online casino account to your Skrill account but charges a small fee for depositing cash to Spinit casino account. Also, a flat fee applies for moving money from Skrill account to your bank account. Players sending money to another Skrill wallet are charged 1.9% of the amount sent, and it is capped at $20.

EntroPay may come off as expensive for players making frequent Spinit payments. To begin with, depositing cash to the payment processor using your debit or credit card costs 4.95% of the amount deposited. Depositing the cash directly from the bank is cheaper as it costs 1.95% of the amount transferred. Withdrawing money from your online casino costs 1.95%, but this rate may vary depending on the online casino.

Pay-outs with Spinit

Spinit withdrawal time periods differ based on the payment service used. Credit and debit card brands have the longest pay-out time that ranges from 1-5 days while EntroPay has a shorter pay-out time, usually one to two days. It is EntroPay’s most significant selling points. Skrill also has a long Spinit pay-out time lasting 4-5 days.

Our Conclusions

Now you know the best methods to use when making Spinit payments. Credit and debit card brands rank first because they are readily available, but players looking for fast withdrawal times should opt for EntroPay. Skrill provides a cheap payment method for those looking to minimize the Spinit pay-out percentage.

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