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Betway Support

Rating: 9 / 10

Betway Casino Contact Channels

About Betway Customer Service

It is important that casinos keep their customers happy. They have come up with various methods to always take care of customer problems. Happy customers stay long at the casino and play a lot. This is one of the reasons why casinos put up a customer support department to handle customer needs. With several communication channels, casinos are able to handle diverse customer needs efficiently. Betway Casino is one of the casinos that has heavily invested in customer service. It has ensured that information regarding various activities on the site is clear so that customers would not have to think hard. This article looks at Betway Customer Service in details to determine ways you can contact them and the quality of their customer service.

Betway Help Search

How to Contact Betway Customer Support?

Betway Casino ensures that different communication channels are always open to handle various customer needs and ensure high quality service. Here is a detailed look at each.


Betway Casino has various phone numbers available for players from around the world. If you are in Canada, you can use the Canadian phone number (1-877-811-2604) for quick assistance. However, if you live in other countries other than the UK, use the international Betway customer service number (+44-808-238-9841) for assistance. The primary language for telephone calls is English. However, you will also get a customer representative who speaks in other languages that are supported by the website, including German, French and Danish.

Live Chat

The live chat function is found on the casino site at the help page. It is most popular with casino users as they just have to open the feature and start typing their questions. It is also free and incredibly fast compared to email. Betway Casino chat is always on, all day and night to answer customer queries and respond to all customer concerns.


You can reach the customer service team via the email address It is a convenient way of communicating to the customer service if the matter you are seeking assistance for is not very urgent. It also provides lots of space where you can explain your problem in detail. However, this method is slower than others as it may take up to 24 hours to have a response.


The FAQ section is set up to help customers get quick answers to procedural issues such as opening an account, withdrawals, deposits and promotions.

About Betway FAQs

Betway has compiled a list of the commonly asked questions on its FAQ page. These answers give details on all common procedural issues in the platform. This is meant to offer customers a place to have a quick answer and avoid having to contact the customer service at every opportunity. The casino has divided the FAQ page into different sections so that it is easy to locate specific information. Some of the sections include the following.

Betway FAQs

Accounts section:

You will find information about accounts opening, reset the password, open account on various platforms and everything that is linked to the account information.

Deposit and Cashout section:

Here you will find information about deposits and withdrawals using different providers. You will find information on payout times, verification of documents, delays, new payout methods and everything that involves financials in your account.

Bonus and promotions:

In this section, you find information about different offers in the casino and how to take advantage of them. You will find information about wagering requirements, payouts and any issues related with the world of the bonus.

General Questions:

This is the section that deals with issues on playing casino games on various platforms and questions that cannot be fitted in any of the other sections.

Casino Gaming:

This section provides information on various games at the casino along with rules of the different games. You will find information on ways to pick a bet amount, volatility and RTPs of various games on the platform.

Does Betway Casino have a live chat?

Yes. Betway Casino live chat is one of the best ways to contact the casino’s customer support. You can reach the feature if you click on the help button and then the contact service page and then the chat feature. When you start the chat feature, you will be asked to put your name and email service. This helps the representative knows who he or she is talking with. Then, write your question and wait for response.

Betway offers the service throughout the day and night. It is available in various languages including French, Russian, British and Canadian English. The tool is very convenient for most users on the site as they not need to leave the chat window. This is why most users give it a high rating. Were also recommend the service as a primary tool for communicating with the customer service team.

How Quick Can You Get Help With Betway Customer Support?

There are varying timelines within which you can get a response from Betway Casino support. Therefore, your urgency determines the method you pick to contact Betway support. Live chats are instantaneous. You should expect a response within a few minutes unless there are several users ahead of you that in the queue. However, you should get assisted in five minutes.

Telephone is the next fastest method to reach the customer service. Pick the Canadian number if you are in Canada and international number if you are in any other country. Check the Betway contact number that matches your country so that you get speedy assistance. The team receives calls in less than five minutes unless there is call traffic. Finally, emailing service is the most convenient method of sending detailed questions to the service. Expect a response in six to twelve hours. All the methods are within acceptable times.

Our Rating of Betway Support

Betway offers convenient methods that users reach the service. You will get help within a few minutes using most of the methods we have stated above. Before contacting the customer service, we would recommend that you look at the FAQ page for quick answers to your problem. In most cases, the queries involve issues on procedure and activities in this page. It saves you the time you would have spent waiting to be served.

We have rated the casino customer service in the terms of ease of reaching it, the quality of the service, availability of different methods to reach the service and reviews from various customers. From all these considerations, we have given it 8.9 out of 10.

Martin Hill tested and rated Betway