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Lucky Days Support

Rating: 7 / 10

Lucky Days Casino Contact Methods

Lucky Days customer support was put in place to give players an avenue to forward their challenges and concerns to the casino for prompt action or assistance. This leads to great customer experience and smooth play on the site. There are several methods that are available to contact the customer service that include live chat, email and phone contact. You will also get a detailed FAQ page where you can get specific answers to questions. Besides, each page on the casino website provide lots of information in the particular area for which the page is created. This is a comprehensive review of the customer support at Lucky Days Casino and tips to help you get the best of their service. We believe that this will help you get better services and enjoy an excellent customer experience on the platform.

Ways to Contact Lucky Days Support

Contact Lucky Days SupportThe Lucky Days team has done a great job of ensuring that customers get the assistance they need in no time. On this end, the company has given the users a wide choice of options to reach Lucky Days customer support. The most common method is live chat. Most customers love the method because they can communicate with support without leaving the website. It is also fast and convenient method on the casino for contacting support.

Unfortunately, the casino does not offer support over the telephone. For that reason, there is no Lucky Days customer service number on the site. Well, we are not sure if they will introduce this method any time soon. Just use the chat if you have urgent issues that need to be addressed.

If you are not okay with the live chat or need a longer explanation to resolve your issue, you can use the email support to reach to the support. Email support also provides an opportunity to explain your problem with supporting documents. You can use the ‘Email Us’ contact form that is provided at the casino page or email them at It takes a few hours to days to get a response from the customer service using the email support.

Overall, we find the customer support, friendly, fast and articulate in getting solutions for users. We are impressed by the effort that has been forth to achieve this quality of service.

FAQs of Lucky Days Casino

The FAQ page comprises of regularly asked questions on various procedures at the casino. These questions provide a guideline for the customers to resolve various challenges at the casino without having to contact support. This has two benefits. First, it reduces the number of customers calling support for simple procedures. That, in turn, allows the customer service to focus on a small group and respond to questions fast. Second, it improves the casino experience as customers have the information they require at their fingertips.

You can reach the FAQ page by clicking on the help bar at the top of the casino website. A pop-up window will come up with various subheadings and questions that relate to the subtitle. For example, under deposits and withdrawals, you get such questions as long it takes for deposits to appear in the account balance, why a deposit may be declined and how long it takes to withdraw your cash.

Other subsections that are on the page include ‘My account,’ ‘Responsible Gaming,’ and ‘Safety’ and ‘Security’ sections. The FAQ page should be your first stop when you have challenges that you want resolving. Consider contacting the customer service only after failing to get the assistance. You can also get more information by visit the particular pages that contain the information that you require. For example, if you have issues with deposits, you can get to the payment page for information. The terms and conditions page has information on various policies put in place by the casino.

Does Lucky Days have a Live Chat?

As discussed at the top of this article, Lucky Days Casino chat is available as a primary method for contacting the customer service. To access the live chat, click the help button to the top of the homepage. Then, click the ‘Contact Us’ icon on the pop-up window that appears. On the chat window, you will be asked to identify yourself then given a chance to ask your question.

You will enjoy a fast and free service when you contact Lucky Days customer service via the chat feature. It is available around the clock and offered in all languages supported by the website. We also recommend using it as the primary method of accessing the Lucky Days customer support team.

How quick is Lucky Days customer Service?

Each of the available methods of contacting customer service has its average response times. Therefore, it is good to use a method that tallies with the urgency of the problem at hand. Fortunately, the two available methods are quite fast. However, the live chat is the fastest and instantaneous in most cases. As soon as you identify yourself and type the first message, someone will be at hand to respond to your message. However, if there is a long list of waiting users ahead of you, you may have to wait for a few minutes before you get assisted.

The email service takes a few hours to send a response. However, you should get a response in under four hours. Given that this method is commonly used by users who have long queries or disputes that require an in-depth explanation, this response time is within acceptable timelines. However, only use it for the reasons above so that you are not kept waiting for long.

Our Rating of Lucky Days Customer Service

Lucky Days Casino has put a commendable effort to ensure that they serve their customers fast and at any time of the day. Unfortunately, they do not offer phone support, leaving the chat as the only method available for urgent requests. Luckily, the chat service is good with speedy responses and accurate information. The FAQ page is okay although it would be better if they added more subtitles such as the payment methods and casino usage. We have arrived at a rating of 7.5 out of 10 for Lucky Days support partly due to fast response and availability of different payment methods. The casino has lost points due to lack of telephone support.

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