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Betsafe Support

Rating: 9 / 10

Betsafe Contact Options

  • Email:
  • Telephone: +44 808 238 0028
  • Live chat: at the help centre
  • FAQs

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Betsson Group, which runs Betsafe casino won the 2018 EGR Operator Award for Customer Service. It’s among many accolades that the company boasts in its over 50 years in the industry. Betsafe online casino is one of the outfits under the BML Group that enjoy this prestige. Just like its sister casino, Betsson, Betsafe goes over and beyond to provide exemplary customer service to its customers. The casino has a broad customer base and ensuring that everyone is satisfied is not an easy feat. Betsafe support provides several alternatives for people to source the help they need. You can contact the customer care team through email, live chat or phone. A FAQs section is available for people who prefer it. Betsafe customer support tries to keep response times as short as possible, which is one element that contributes to its stellar customer service.

How to Contact Betsafe Support?

The customer service at Betsafe is available 24/7, giving players from all over the chance to get help. Contacting customer care representatives is not complicated regardless of the method you select. From the homepage, look for the ‘Help Centre’ icon at the bottom and click. It directs you to the support page where you can navigate to your desired option.

  • For the live chat, click on the button at the top, which takes you to another page. Unlike most casinos, you don’t go straight to an agent. The new page has a form that you need to fill with details like your full name and address. Use the live chat for non-complicated issues.
  • Click on ‘Email’ to send electronic mail to customer support. We love the email option for the convenience that it offers. However, it’s only suitable for problems that can wait a while for a response.
  • If you can’t wait even a few minutes for a solution, calling makes more sense. The Betsafe customer service number is listed on the homepage, at the bottom. Different contact numbers are available for various regions. Customers can also request a callback.
  • Lastly, you have the FAQs, which include regular queries from customers. Start from this section to save time because you could find the solution you require here. Below, we dig deeper into the FAQs.

betsafe help center

About the Betsafe’s FAQs

Not every problem warrants a chat or call to customer service. A quick glance at the Betsafe FAQs will tell you that. The casino made sure to put together an extensive list of frequently asked questions. It’s as thorough as you would expect from such a reputable and busy casino. When users can find answers without having to send emails or call, then the support team has fewer people to attend to.

betsafe egr awardWhen you land on the help centre, you first see a list of the most popular questions. Here, you can find all kinds of answers from the definition of a welcome bonus to available deposit methods. If the solutions you are seeking are not in this category, check the several others on the drop-down menu.

The payment methods page shows Betsafe banking options. You can learn about the deposit and withdrawal methods plus all the relevant information like the limits, deposit fees and transaction times. Responsible gaming covers all the different topics about safe gambling. Here, you get information about setting deposit limits, self-exclusion and time out.

If you require details about opening an account with Betsafe, the ‘Account and Registration’ section has valuable information. Other topics in this category include handling of personal data, age requirements and geographical restrictions, among others.

The general queries section consists of technical questions about the site. For those looking to do business with Betsafe, this area provides some useful information. You also get to learn crucial information about the functionality of the platform. The website has a search bar that helps customers find their way around the questions quickly.

Does Betsafe Casino Have a Live Chat?

Yes, the Betsafe chat is one of the avenues you can utilise to contact customer support. Access this from the help centre where the site has the FAQs. You can’t miss the red ‘Live Chat’ icon on the left of the page. Once you click on that, it opens the chat page on a separate tab. We found this to be a bit of an inconvenience, especially if you are in the middle of a game or a critical task on the main platform. The live chat also requires you to submit personal details. At the bottom of the form, Betsafe states that the data you provide is a legal requirement. A plus side of the chat box is that you can specify the nature of the question, making it easy for an agent to go straight to relevant solutions.

Despite the lengthy process to chat with an agent, we found the Betsafe chat features more than adequate. It’s an excellent alternative when the FAQs don’t suffice. The live chat should be your go-to solution when you want to compromise between calling and emailing the Betsafe customer service.

How Quick Can You Get Help with Betsafe Customer Support?

When you contact Betsafe support, the time it takes for a customer representative to attend to you depends on the communication channel. Telephone calls have an average waiting period of 2 minutes. If you sent an email, you would have to wait 30 to 60 minutes for an answer. The live chat takes 30 seconds at most. Note that these are only approximations and it might take longer or shorter, depending on how busy the casino is. Compared to other casinos of the same calibre, Betsafe delivers decent response times. Customers have assistance around the clock, so it doesn’t matter where you are playing from.

betsafe support response time

How Quick Can You Get Help with Betsafe Customer Support?

A casino can have 1,000 games from the best providers with an attractive bonus to boot, but if the customer care service is poor, then it’s all for nothing. Betsafe understands this well, as we can tell from its customer support. The casino guarantees that customers have professional help in case they require it.

With the different channels available, users can pick what serves their needs. If it’s a new customer struggling to use the online casino, a quick call can solve that. A customer with a complaint about delayed winnings can send an email. Betsafe customer support caters to the different types of players that on the website. Besides being available, the support team at Betsafe is fast and knowledgeable, which is why we give it a solid 8 out 10 rating.

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